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President of the Georgian Wrestling Federation dismissed

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, December 3
Georgian Wrestling Federation President Luka Kurtanidze was dismissed on December 1.

33 delegates attended the meeting and only four of them voted in favor of Kurtanidze.

The Presidium rejected both of Kurtanidze’s offers. One of the appeals concerned transferring Kurtanidze’s powers to Vice-President of the federation Edisher Machaidze, while the second asked for holding a report session on February 26 about federation issues.

Member of Presidium Davit Gobejishvili said that Kutranidze accepted the Presidium’s decision.

However, Kurtanidze claims that his dismissal was unfair, planned by some people who were against him and positive reforms within the federation. He said that he would reveal who these people are.

Following the developments wrestler Revaz Lashkhi said that wrestlers will resume their training.

We are sure that a new president will care more about us,” he said.

Wrestler Ramaz Nozadze said that the wrestlers will discuss the candidacies on the post and name their nominee.

“We have many clever and successful wrestlers, this means we have a big choice,” he said.

Candidates for the post can submit their applications from December 5-20. On December 26 a new president will be named.

The Georgian National Wrestling Team refused to attend their training sessions in September, 2014. They demanded the resignation of Kurtanidze. The wrestlers stated that Kurtanidze was not professional and failed to deal with the federation issues.

However, Kurtanidze refused to resign and admitted that the Georgian wrestling team has done nothing tangible during the last two years.

A special meeting was held at the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs on September 22, 2011 where participants decided to study the issue, find a solution and release their findings at a later stage.