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Tbilisi Mayor dismisses minority accusations of corruption deals

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, December 30
Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania responded to the United National Movement’s (UNM) accusations with regard to corruption deals and said that the Mayor’s Office had to cancel several contracts signed by the previous government mainly in the field of infrastructure.

“Since the tender conditions were not met, we canceled some contracts. However, all new tenders and procurement were conducted in accordance with legislation, including the contracts signed because of urgent necessity. We have rehabilitated more than 40 streets only in the autumn of 2014,” Narmania said.

A couple of days ago, the UNM members of the Mayor’s Office accused the Tbilisi administration of making corrupt deals with companies related to infrastructural projects.

UNM member Irakli Abesadze said that approximately 700, 000 GEL can be attributed to inappropriate contracts.

"The infrastructural work has either not been carried out, or are of poor quality because the contracts are signed with the companies connected to the Mayor of Tbilisi or the Georgian Dream political leaders.”

For example, LTD Tsekuri belongs to majority MP Sergo Khabuliani. Also LTD Dagi has no experience in the field of infrastructure, but they won the tender anyway worth of 800,000 GEL,” Abesadze said.

Fellow representative of the minority Sevdia Ugrekhelidze believes that the recent unfavorable developments in the Mayor’s Office are connected to the unqualified staff employed by the Georgian Dream.

“Those who should make a decision over important issues within the Mayor’s Office even failed in the certification process announced for the body’s staff,” Ugrekhelidze said.