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Will Free Democrats leave the majority?

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, January 19
Davit Saganelidze, one of the leaders of the Parliamentary Majority said that representatives of the Free Democrats should be dismissed from their positions at the legislative body and Saganelidze is going to be the initiator of the subsequent procedures. The MP believes the party of the former Defense Minister Irakli Alasania has now moved to the opposition and its members cannot stay within the parliamentary majority.

“I am the leader of the majority, so I am the one to defend the majority quota. Today this balance is violated and the majority of quotas are given to the opposition faction representatives. This applies both to the First Vice-Speaker (Murman Dumbadze) and committee chairmen positions. Here, personal issues are not decisive. These people are my close friends and I have great respect for them, but procedural issues and rules stand above personal relationships. Moreover, I will raise the issue of the second vice-speaker,” stated Saganelidze.

Leader of the Free Democrats Irakli Alasania stated that dismissal of members of his party from parliament’s high posts will be an interesting and important process.

“Let them do it, it is up to them and it is their right. In my opinion, it will be a very interesting and important process that will make clear how much the majority values professionalism and dedication. The process cannot harm us anyway. However, it is very interesting how the procedure will be managed itself,” stated Alasania.

Alasania believes that Saganelidze’s initiative will not be able to gain full support from the majority.