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Senta Petroleum returns to the Georgian market

Tuesday, January 27
The Company intends to hold a presentation and provide the customers with information about the future plans in these says.

""Senta" will maintain the same direction and sell fuel at the lowest possible price. Unlike previous times, when it was impossible for the companies (which were not the favorites of the National Movement authorities) to import fuel in the country, now we have a very competitive environment. Due to the fact that our entire property was appropriated by Kezerashvili with the direct participation of the Company "Gulf", we do not have the ability to operate in the Georgian market with the previous number of petrol stations. So basically we are re-born. Our approach and philosophy are the following the minimum profit margins and the maximum sales with a minimum price difference as much as possible", - said the co-founder and director of "Senta Petroleum", Zaal Iakobidze.