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City Park faces accusations

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, January 27
The Tbilisi City Park, a company responsible for parking procedures in the capital since 2007, might face restrictions with regard to towing illegally parked vehicles.

According to the new draft law initiated by majority MP Zakaria Kutsnashvili, before launching the towing process, the company should inform the 112 service, a subordinate entity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs responsible for emergency situations.

City Park will also be able to tow the car only in the case of the absence of the driver.

The explanation note of the draft reads that towing a car while the owner can remove it from the site is a violation of ownership rights.

Based on recent rules, the vehicle can be towed when:

The vehicle is parked in a parking zone area without payment more than 12 hours;

The vehicle is without special registered papers and is parked in a parking zone for disabled persons;

The vehicle is parked hindering traffic and jeopardizing traffic safety.

To reclaim a vehicle from the secured towing lot, the citizen should provide an ID card, registration card of the vehicle, and a payment order for 60 GEL (is paid at towing lot).

“Since 2007 City Park is hunting on citizen’s property. Aside from the moral and material damages, they do not meet the requirements for towing and sometimes damage the cars. The company can just fine the drivers, without towing the vehicle,” the note reads.

The companies Amagon and Shohan Parking Service won the tender announced by the Mayor’s Office in 2007. They merged and established the company City Park.

Through the memorandum signed between the City Park and the Mayor’s Office under the previous government, the company has exclusive rights to manage the parking services in Tbilisi up until 2022.