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USA to allocate $51 million USD to Georgia and Moldova

Wednsday, February 4
The USA will provide Georgia and Moldova with $51 million USD to undercut Russia's pressure and aggression, according to the Washington Post.

The budget project presented by President Obama to congress considers the aid for Georgia and Moldova.

As the war in Ukraine heats up again, the budget proposes spending $117 million USD to help Kiev ward off Moscow’s advances in the eastern part of the country and $51 million USD to do the same in Georgia and Moldova. Though some of the money would help bolster the military, much of it would support anti-corruption programs and measures to promote energy security and trade with the European Union, all part of an effort undercut Russia’s influence.

In addition, the U.S. is ready to give Ukraine a $1 billion USD loan.

Meanwhile, Georgia will get additional $ 3.1 million USD assistance from the USA to improve the conditions for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and disable children. (