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Draft law on highland regions to be presented in February

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, February 4
Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili stresses that the final coordinated draft law on highland regions should be ready before February 20. This law will be discussed and adopted during the spring session, the Prime Minister noted.

The status of highland regions and the prospects of the highlands' development were the topics discussed during the meeting. Both the executive and legislative authorities and the representatives of the non-governmental sector were involved in the process of development of the law on highland regions.

The main priority of the law is to stop the migration of the population from highland villages and to focus on economic development on the ground.

Government members have stated that living in highlands causes serious problems due to tough climate conditions, absence of appropriate living means and low income.

Majority member Gigla Agulashvili said that the government should adopt such projects and programs that will encourage locals not to leave the areas.

The issue was also discussed in parliament.

On February 3, an Agricultural Committee session was held, where deputies and farmers discussed Georgia’s problems in terms of cultivating land.

As Head of the committee Gigla Agulashvili stated that there is no bill or initiative concerning imposing fines. He said there is only an idea regarding land that has not been cultivated yet.

“For example, if land prepared in spring is not cultivated, there will be no harvest. Therefore, we aim to use all possible resources to achieve higher production figures. We intend to encourage farmers not fine them. Those who cultivate land need to be supported,” Agulashvili remarked.