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More fines for littering undergrounds and historical sites

Thursday, February 5
Fines will be imposed for littering undergrounds and cultural heritages. Statement concerning the new regulation has been made by the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office. The body also informed that 200 parking spaces will be abolished in the capital city for promoting better conditions for pedestrians.

According to the Mayor’s Office, for littering Undergrounds first fine will be 50 GEL. However, if the fact repeats fine will increase up to 500 GEL.

When it comes to the cultural heritage first fine will be 1, 000 GEL, for committing the same violation again the fine will reach 2, 000 GEL.

According to the Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania, a special commission will be created for monitoring the issues and banners will be placed in order to inform the residents about the restrictions.

Concerning the parking issue Narmania stated that due to the lack of space on pavements, in some places parking will be restricted.

“It is impossible for pedestrians to use pavements, that’s why we decided to restrict parking in such areas. Meanwhile, we are looking for the investors who will build underground or over ground parking places,” stated Narmania.

The Mayor’s Office also launched a program which will fund over 20 patients with leukemia in 2015. Program foresees expenses for bone marrow transplantation.

According to Narmania, first patient will be sent to Turkey on February 9. He noted that the program beneficiaries would be selected based on the severity of the condition of the disease.

Meanwhile, a representative of the United National Movement (UNM) in Tbilisi City Hall (Sakrebulo) Irakli Nadiradze blamed the Mayor and his staff in corruption.

According to Nadiradze, efficiency of work in Mayor’s office is very low.

“Number of tender agreements signed under the current leadership of Tbilisi are significantly few compared to former years,” Nadiradze said.