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Humanitarian Mission in village of Musa Bala

Friday, March 6
The Georgian contingent participating in Resolute Support mission on Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan carried out humanitarian mission in its operational area. The military of the 51st Battalion of V Infantry Brigade of the GAF handed household subjects to the locals of Musa Bala. Commander of the 51st Battalion, LTC Koba Grigolia participated in the operation as well.

Following the operation, the Commander of the Georgian Battalion held meeting with the locals and talks about the existing security environment on the ground.

The humanitarian mission was planned and performed together with the U.S. marines and Afghan National Security Forces. Similar activities promote to establish positive relations between local population and coalition forces.

The 51st battalion of the 5th Infantry Brigade of the GAF carries out a full range of operations within the “Resolute Support” mission together with U.S. marines. Their main task is to provide security of Bagram Air Base.