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Georgian American Alloys organize informational media tour

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, March 30
Georgian American Alloys (GAA) organized an informational media tour for over twenty media representatives on March 26-27.

On the first day of the media tour, journalists had an opportunity to see the manganese mining process in both open and closed formats in the Chiatura region. GAA’s administration shared information about mining history and the social and financial conditions of their miners.

GAA representatives spoke about the progress that their company has made since 2012, when the mines officially moved to their subordination.

GAA’s administration stated that they changed work conditions for employees and restored personal hygiene zones for them.

The company also plans to build new factories in Chiatura. The new factories will serve both economic and environmental interests. After the construction, the GAA believes that the Kvirila River will no longer be polluted by manganese.

On the second day, the participants of the media tour were introduced to recycling procedures at the Zestaponi Ferroalloy Plant. GAA is currently restoring the plant, and installing new equipment. They already installed filters to minimize air pollution.

GAA also operates the Ferromedi Clinic, which serves all their employees and their families. The clinic was repaired a year ago. The GAA Company has insured all its employees and family members under 25.

GAA is the second largest employer in Georgia after Georgian Railway.