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Friday, April 10
Georgia-Brazil visa-free regime comes into force

The agreement on visa-free regime between Georgia and Brazil will enter into force on April 10. A visa-free regime will allow easier travel between the two countries for tourists, the business community and others.

On March 11th, 2015, the Governments of Georgia and Brazil signed an agreement on partial exemption of holders of ordinary passports from visa requirements. According to the rules the agreement would come into force 30 days after it was signed on April 10, 2015.

The agreement allowed ordinary passport holders to travel to each other’s countries for tourism or business purposes. More specifically, following the agreement’s entry into force, Georgian citizens may enter, transit through and stay in and the Brazilian territory for 90 days in any 180-day period. The countdown starts on the first day of staying in the country. Corresponding rules will be established for the Brazilian citizens who come to Georgia.

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry Tamar Beruchashvili said that establishing a visa free regime between Brazil and Georgia was a result of long, coordinated work of both parties.

Brazil is the world’s seventh largest economy and Georgia’s main partner in the Latin American region. Signing of such an agreement will facilitate cooperation between the two countries, bring their business communities closer and promote the exchange of tourists and strengthening of personal contacts.

The diplomatic relations between Georgia and Brazil were established on April 28, 1993. In 2010, a Georgian Embassy was opened in Brazil – a step which the Brazilians reciprocated in 2011. Over the last few years, a number of high-level visits were carried out both at executive and legislative levels.

Georgia and Brazil enjoy a dynamically growing cooperation in the areas of economy, trade, tourism, culture and education. (

Association of Banks concerned about defamatory statements

The Association of Banks of Georgia has expressed concern about the recent statements against the banking system of Georgia.

The Association released a special statement in this regard.

“The Association of Banks of Georgia, as the country's main banking association, is concerned about the obviously biased and defamatory statements against the banking system of Georgia that will ultimately lead to irreversible and unwanted processes for the Georgian economy.

Given the fundamental principles of bank activities, the banking system is based on trust, and therefore, staining of its reputation may cause serious damage. Consequently, it is totally unacceptable to make unsubstantiated accusations against the banking sector and spread them via media outlets,”- the statement says.

According to the Association, undermining of the trust towards the banking system will lead to a chain reaction that will be reflected in withdrawal of investments and deposits from the country. (IPN)

Interior Minister says Special Task Force Members Became Victims of Wrong Order

Georgia’s Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri says that the special task force members, detained in connection with so-called "Kortebis Case", have become the victims of wrong order.

" These people have become the victims of the wrong order. Of course, this is punishable by law. We are doing our best in order the special task force members to be imposed a lighter sentence,"- Minister Gomelauri said on April 8.

11 individuals, including the special task force members, have been detained in connection with the Vazagashili-Khubulov case under the previous government, through which Zurab Vazagashvili was killed. The UNM authorities claimed that several individuals in a car, among them Vazagashvili, were going to commit a crime. The case was re-opened under the current government and still remains uninvestigated.

6 riot police officers have to stay in prison under preventive measure imposed in February. (Frontnews)

Ambassador of Switzerland appeals to the Government regarding business complaints

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Georgia- Gunther Bachler spoke about possible corrupt deals in regions. " Financial" published an article.

The diplomat said that foreign investors complain that they are forced to pay taxes or fines, which are unjustified.

Bachler said that the investments will continue to grow, if regional security and internal stability will be achieved. He recommended to the government to invest in national security and defense capabilities .

The Swiss Ambassador calls on Georgia to study and respond to allegations about bribes and unfair taxes.

In response Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor Nino Gvenetadze said that she has no information concerning the corruption deals. She said if such facts really take place, relevant bodies must address them immediately. (Rustavi 2)