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Tbilisi Mayor sums-up his eight months in office

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, April 10
Mayor of Tbilisi Davit Narmania summed up his eight-month work in the Mayor’s Office at the Sakrebulo on April 8.

The mayor had to deliver his speech in the background of three rallies outside the Sakrebulo, protesting his activities.

According to the Mayor, 186 million GEL out of the 250 million GEL city budget was spent on successful infrastructural and social projects.

He spoke about all of the implemented and future projects regarding health and social care, and emphasized that social protection targeted programs have increased and improved compared to the previous government.

According to Narmania, the Mayor’s Office has developed a special program for patients with leukemia and cancer with a budget of 4 million GEL, which covers their operation and rehabilitation expenses.

The mayor claimed that tree planting and environmental care measures are underway and such works have not been carried out in the capital for decades.

“During the last six months, tree planting has increased by 850%, and by the end of 2017, million more trees will have been planted in Tbilisi,” Narmania said.

In response, independent MP Aleko Elisashvili told Narmania that many trees are being chopped down for infrastructural aims, and that they are planting several “sticks” instead. He said that this would not promote a healthy environment in Tbilisi.

The city mayor stated that rehabilitation of the transport system was ongoing and traffic jams in Tbilisi would be decreased soon.

He also touched upon the problem with City Park, which has regulated the city’s parking system for nearly eight years.

Despite the fact the company’s activities have drawn the suspicions of the Mayor’s Office and Sakrebulo, according to Narmania, the cancellation of the agreement will cost his office 25 million GEL in expenses. Thus, he claims the issue requires further consideration.

One of the main questions from the MPs towards the Mayor was about the corruption incidents revealed in the municipalities, and asked him about his and his family members’ alleged links to this corruption.

Narmania dismissed the speculations, saying that pointing fingers at him and his relatives without any evidence was a crime he could sue for.

Elisashvili and the UNM representatives accused Narmania of making superficial statements and shifting blame to his predecessors.