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Defence Minister Pays Tribute to Fallen Soldiers

Thursday, April 16
On Remembrance Day Defence Minister of Georgia honored Georgian soldiers fallen in August War 2008 at Mukhatgverdi Military Cemetery. Together with the top brass of MoD and General Staff, Mindia Janelidze paid tribute to the memory of the soldiers and laid a wreath on the memorial.

Defence Minister also talked with the family members of the deceased military servicemen and congratulated them on Easter. Later on the MoD officials attended memorial service in honoring the souls of the Georgian heroes held at the Church at the Cemetery area.

“The MoD officials came here to pay honor to our heroes. As Defence Minister, I tell their families we always share their sorrow and render them assistance. This is our duty as they sacrificed themselves for the sake of their homeland. Every citizen, each of us must be solidary towards the families of our fallen heroes”, outlined Defence Minister.

Defence Minister and MoD officials moved from Mukhatgverdi to Vashlijvari Brotherhood Cemetery to pay honor to the lost soldiers in the battles for Georgia’s territorial integrity. They laid the wreath on the Heroes Memorial and put flowers on the symbolic graves of the lost warriors.

State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Davit Bakradze, Secretary of State Security and Crisis Management Council Davit Sujashvili and Vice-Speaker of Parliament Zviad Dzidziguri also went to Mukhatgverdi and Vashlijvari Military Cemeteries to pay tribute to the warriors fallen for Georgia’s territorial integrity.