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51st Battalion Returns Home

Thursday, April 16
The first part of the 51st Battalion of V Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces returned from Afghanistan to homeland. First Deputy Defence Minister Gocha Ratiani and Deputy Chief of General Staff, Colonel Roman welcomed 150 military servicemen at Alekseevka military airport. They congratulated Georgian soldiers on peaceful returning to homeland and thanked for their successful fulfillment of “Resolute Support” mission.

The military servicemen of the 51st Battalion carried out the international mission on Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan for 6 months. Under the U.S Command, the Georgian military performed the full spectrum of operations. Their main task was to provide security for the Bagram Air Base. The 51st Battalion was replaced by the 43rd Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade by rotation.

The 51st Battalion returned home without suffering any casualties. All personnel of the battalion will arrive in Georgia in a few weeks.