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Wednesday, April 22
Georgian, Ukrainian Parliament Speakers Meet in Kiev

Georgian parliament speaker, Davit Usupashvili, met his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Groysman, in Kiev on April 20 and discussed ways to intensify parliamentary cooperation in bilateral and multilateral forums to address, as the two speakers said, “joint challenges”.

“Our relations are very friendly. We are facing the same challenges. That unites us. We are ready to cooperate, to deepen our relations, to coordinate our actions on the international arena,” speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Volodymyr Groysman, said after the meeting.

He said that the Georgian side’s proposal to establish annual conference of lawmakers from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine with the participation of the European counterparts was also discussed.

“We will create the arena for the countries having joint problems to jointly work on the issues of European integration and search for answers to the challenges,” Groysman said.

Georgian parliament speaker Usupashvili said that he had “a very fruitful meeting.”

“The Georgian people stand by the Ukrainian people, the Georgian Parliament stands by the Ukrainian Parliament and the Georgian government stands by the Ukrainian government. We should tackle aggression together, we should restore territorial integrity of our countries together and we should continue moving towards free Europe together. In Georgia this stance is shared by all the influential political forces,” Usupashvili said.

“We have agreed on concrete issues in order for the parliaments to play more active role both in bilateral relations as well as on the international stage,” he said.

The Georgian parliamentary delegation visiting Ukraine also includes chairpersons of parliamentary committees for foreign affairs and European integration GD MP Tedo Japaridze and GD MP Tina Khidasheli, respectively, and opposition UNM MP Giorgi Vashadze.

On April 21 the delegation will meet Ukrainian PM Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. (

Irakli Gharibashvili will represent Georgia at the Riga summit

Prime Minister Gharibashvili will represent Georgia at the Eastern Partnership Summit, which will be held in Riga. As President’s advisor Tengiz Pkhaladze has told reporters, the President thinks it would be best if government members attended the Riga summit.

“Every government branch has been actively involved in the preparations for the Riga summit, including the President. Several more foreign political activities have also been planned. The presidential resource will be maximally utilized in order for Georgia’s progress to be stressed at the summit and the latter to be a significant stimulus for Georgia’s Euro integration in the future.

As for the matter of attendance, the President thinks it would be best if government members attended the Riga summit. Accordingly, Prime Minister Gharibashvili will depart for Riga,”- Pkhaladze said.

The Eastern Partnership Summit will be held on May 21-22 in Riga. (IPN)

MP Japaridze Names Persons Involved in Gurjaani Incident

MP Zurab Japaridze of the National Movement party accuses the government of provoking the controversy in Gurjaani district on April 20.

MP Japaridze held a briefing at the UNM office in Gurjaani and named the persons involved in the incident.

UNM member said that Lieutenant Levan Tsankashvili, the head of Security Police was trying to knock out members of opposition from the Administration a day before yesterday.

UNM also listed David Nikolaishvili - the head of Property Management Service, Durmishkhan Amisulashvili- - head of Supervision Service, Zakro Kachlishvili - the chairman of City Infrastructure Commission and others.

The situation in Gurjaaani was strained after the Anti-Corruption Commission of the "National Movement" started its work at the building of the Gurjaani Local Municipality on April 20. According to the UNM the aim of the movement was to expose corruption and nepotism in local municipalities. There was physical confrontation; citizens threw eggs at the bureau of the majoritarian lawmaker. Police have discharged the situation. (Frontnews)

Treatment of Hepatitis C will be free - Irakli Garibashvili

PM Irakli Garibashvili said that treatment of Hepatitis C will be free in Georgia. He underlined that a new project will be launched.

The Memorandum was signed between the government and the drug-producing American companies on April 21.. The signing ceremony was attended by the Patriarch of Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II as well as the US Ambassador Richard Norland.

The Prime Minister discussed the new program at the signing ceremony. According to him, this is a historic day. (Rustavi2)