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Thursday, May 21
Nearly 3,000 crimes registered in April

Ministry of Internal Affairs has published crime statistics for April 2015.

These statistics are comprised of the data provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as information collected from all investigative agencies throughout the country that investigate criminal cases according to their jurisdiction. This list includes, in particular: General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Corrections and Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also publishes crime statistics and municipal data in accordance with their investigative jurisdiction.

In April of 2015, 2,981 criminal cases were registered, out of which 1277 were solved. Case solving index is 42.84%. In comparison with the results of the same period of last year, the crime rate has decreased by 7.22%.

According to the Ministry, in April of 2015, 1,958 criminal cases were registered by MIA territorial units according to their investigative jurisdiction, out of which 1,102 were solved; case solving index is at 56.28%. In comparison with the same period of last year, the crime rate has decreased by 8.68%.

As for the period between January-April of 2015, all investigative agencies throughout Georgia registered 11,787 crimes combined, with 6,226 solved. The index of solved cases is at 52.82%. It should be noted that criminal cases decreased by 12.91% in comparison with the same period of the previous year.

In the period between January-April of 2015, MIA municipal departments registered a total of 8,139 criminal cases. According to their investigative jurisdictions, 5,312 were solved. The case solving index stands at 65.27%. The amount of criminal cases has decreased by 15.88% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. (IPN)

Obama Congratulates PM Gharibashvili on Independence Day of Georgia

U.S. President Barack Obama congratulates Georgian PM Irakli Gharibashvili on Independence Day of Georgia.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, President Obama put an emphasis on the strategic partnership between the two countries and expressed his support towards Georgia.

“Dear Prime Minister, I would like to congratulate you and all the Georgian people on May 26, the Independence Day of Georgia.

There is a firm, active and strategic partnership between our countries. The United States is proud of supporting Georgia last year, when local elections were held, the Association Agreement was signed and NATO’s substantial package was given to Georgia. Today we support Georgia’s democratic and economic development which is very significant in terms of providing Euro-Atlantic integration and new trade and investing possibilities.

In the face of challenging developments in the region, the United States will continue to support the development of Georgia’s democracy and uphold its commitment to Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.

We are proud of joint efforts implemented for strengthening Georgia’s democracy and global security. We appreciate and respect your soldiers’ participation in missions in Afghanistan and other regions of the world. We thank Georgia for its contribution to the fight against terrorism and other challenges which threaten global security and stability. I would like to congratulate you on Independence Day,” the letter reads. (Frontnews)

Tbilisi Mayor will reportedly have five new advisers

The Mayor of Tbilisi will reportedly have five new advisers. This statement was made by Tamaz Shoshiashvili, National Movement member of Tbilisi City Council.

According to him, the Mayor addressed City Assembly with the aforementioned request on May 14. Shoshiashvili says the Mayor already has two advisors, a vice mayor and five deputies.

In addition, Shoshiashvili alleges the City Hall staff has increased by 353 employees since the elections. He said 500,000 GEL per month is being spent from the budget on the increased staff, and that’s without bonuses taken into consideration.

“City Hall has turned into the Georgian Dream headquarters,” said Shoshiashvili.

The deputy claims the National Movement will not support the change. The issue will be discussed at the next City Assembly session. (IPN)

Confrontation emerges among MPs and minister of environment

The confrontation among MPs and the Minister of Environmental Protection followed the discussion about regulation of genetically modified products.

The order to import genetically modified soy was issued by his predecessor Elgudja Khokrishvili.

MPs and scientists who attend the meeting say that it contradicts regulations adopted by Parliament which tightened the import of GM products.

The position of the Ministry is that this order does not contradict the law.

“The position which we are defending is in accordance with law”, said Gigla Agulashvili.

The Member of Parliament accused the deputy minister of Environment in having his personal interest in this process. Chairman of committee decided that discussion of this issue will continue inside special group. (Rustavi2)