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Russian cynicism still finds Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 11
Russia has revealed the following, cynical approach towards Georgia. The country sees the possibility of normalization of relations with Georgia if we recognize our occupied regions as independent states and give up striving towards membership in NATO and the EU.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has already given an adequate assessment to the statement.

The 2014 summarizing report of the Russia’s Foreign Ministry reads that there are several hindering factors in the Georgian-Russian relations.

They named lack of diplomatic relations with Georgia, the Georgian side’s refusal to recognize the de-facto regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as sovereign states, as well as our incessant striving towards Western international bodies number among the ‘negative’ factors.

“We will proceed keeping bilateral ties on the territories that are not against Russia’s national interests,” the Moscow report suggests.

The document also reads that the return of Georgian products to the Russian market and restoring regular flights between Russia and Georgia provided positive consequences for both of the states.

“Negotiations in Geneva still ongoing, the goal of the talks is signing an agreement on the non-use of force between Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia,” the Russian report adds.

It is well known that Georgia is definitely against such an agreement and demands the memorandum to be signed between Georgia and Russia.

In response, Georgia’s Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia still continues its illegal propaganda and names Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent countries, when both of the territories are integral parts of Georgia now occupied by Russia.

“Unfortunately, the ignoring of international law and norms has become Russia’s business card. The statement reflects that Russia’s main worries are related to Georgia’s aspirations towards the Euro-Atlantic structures. Each independent state has a right to make its choice to any international organization,” Georgia’s Foreign Ministry states.

Georgia’s Special Envoy to Russia Zurab Abashidze says that the restoration of diplomatic relations with Russia is impossible now. He stresses that the relief of such connections is impossible until Russia tries to portray Georgian territories as independent states.

“If there are serious, positive moves in this regard, only after this we can speak on the restoration of diplomatic ties,” Abashidze says.

Head of Georgian Armed Forces General Staff Vakhtang Kapanadze states that Russia should adapt to the fact that Georgia is a sovereign state, which means freedom of choice.

It is obvious that Russia has its interests that differ from the Georgian path and it will continue its pressure on Georgia to achieve its goals. What measures Russia will apply in the process depends on various domestic and foreign factors.