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Thursday, June 11
Georgian Consulate opens in Denmark

A Georgian Consulate has opened in the Kingdom of Denmark to mark the strengthened partnership between the two countries.

The Consulate is located in Horsens city in the Jutland region, and its Honorary Consul is Marianne Bols.

A festive ceremony to mark the opening of the Consulate was attended by local government members, including the city’s Mayor Peter Sorensen, director of Horsens Business Council Torben Busk, as well as representatives of Danish Foreign Ministry, local business circles and Georgians living in Denmark.

At the celebration Georgian Ambassador to Denmark Nikoloz Rtveliashvili addressed the gathered audience and spoke about the prospects of Georgia-Denmark future bilateral relations.

He stressed the already close business ties between Horsens and the Georgian town of Ambrolauri, as well as future plans of cooperation in the culture, education and tourism spheres. Rtveliashvili then invited the Danish officials to visit Georgia.

Afterwards, guests of the celebration were able to sample Georgian wine and traditional Georgian dishes. (

Wanted Ex-justice Minister is Confident National Movement intends to Return to Power

Ex-justice Minister of Georgia Zurab Adeishvili, who is wanted by Georgian law enforcement bodies, is confident that the National Movement will come back to power.

“I am confident that the National Movement will come back to power under the leadership of Mikhail Saakashvili. Of course, there will not be a lot of old faces in the new team, including me,” – Adeishvili said in his interview with talk show “Archevani” aired on Rustavi 2 TV.

However, he said, that the return may be at the completely different stage, because the country is developing and the current level of political discourse should be changed.

“Georgia is not facing the tasks, it faced 10 years ago, therefore, it’s more important to move to such a type of the party activities, as there are in Western Europe. There is the increasing chance that the refreshed National Movement, with other political forces, will return to power,” – Adeishvili said.

In his interview he also said that situation in Georgia’s prisons was the mistake of the previous government.

“Impunity was very bad in this situation. These facts are characterized for all the prisons, but it was a major mistake that could have established effective mechanisms. That constituted a systemic problem; however, our main mistake was that we failed to create effective mechanisms. That is why a systemic problem was created,” - Zurab Adeishvili said adding that 17 persons are detained related to this case, however, none of them has been punished relevantly.

According to him, the public did not get the answer to the questions regarding this case. Therefore, ex-justice minister says that it was one of the tools of political manipulation. (Frontnews)

PM: We cannot use our resources effectively, and this is our key problem

We and other developing countries cannot identify problems quickly or use our resources effectively, - declared Georgia’s PM Irakli Gharibashvili at the National Library, where he was holding a meeting with PhD students who received sponsorship.

According to the PM, everything needs to be done to ensure that the state uses its resources effectively. He also said that people are the country’s greatest value.

“We all know very well that people and human resources are the state’s greatest value. We and other developing countries cannot identify problems in time or use resources effectively, which is our key problem. We need to work on it… There is still a lot to be done to promote the development of human resources and utilizing them,”- the PM said.

The Rustaveli Foundation has been financing PhD programs since 2013. Roughly 230 students were financed in 2013-2014. (IPN)

Collision in the Caspian Sea - two citizens of Georgia injured

The collision in the Caspian Sea - Two Georgian citizens were injured. Near Kazakhstan"s oil deposit a boat crashed into a barge.

Kazakhstan"s Emergency Service reported that crash took place in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. Wounded Georgian sailors have been transported to the hospital in Atyrau region. The identity of the wounded Georgians have not been named. (Rustavi2)