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Womenís Information Center turns 15

Thursday, June 11
To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the Womenís Information Center held a reception at the National Library of Georgia on June 5.

In their speeches, the members of donor organizations, partners and friends emphasized the role of the WIC in civil sector, welcomed its goals and praised its achievements.

Women`s Information Center (WIC) is a non-governmental organization working on gender issues, capacity building of women and protection of their rights since 2000.

The WICís fields of activities are: gender policy, womenís participation in political, economic and peace keeping processes; violence against women; womenís empowerment through community mobilization, etc. The WIC promotes the development of the network of women NGOs and supports leader women.

WIC is the representative of Women against Violence in Europe and Network of East - West Women in the Southern Caucasus, and member of The Civil Society Network for Human Security, The Global Network of Women Peace Builders and The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict.

Today the WIC has various international donors and partners including the US Department of State, USAID, U.S. Embassy to Georgia, EU, UN Women, UNDP, UNFPA, Oxfam, Kvinna till Kvinna, ADB, Global Fund for Women, NDI, OSCE, World Vision, etc.

Currently the WIC implements several projects in the capital Tbilisi as well as in several regions, including the conflict zones, in order to boost womenís political, economic and social participation in public life and on the state level as well as their engagement in conflict prevention and peace keeping.

The WIC lobbies for the creation of legislative frames for achieving gender-based equality at various levels from the legislative to executive through local self-governance in coordination with the state institutions.

Wthe ICís Gender Information Agency is the only trilingual web platform in the post-Soviet space that promotes gender-related issues. Its users have access to various legislative acts, researches and studies in the field of gender equality and women's rights protection in the region of South Caucasus and worldwide.

Based on the relevant standards of coverage, the exclusive materials on the contribute to development of gender-related informational policy in media.