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Tbilisi Minibus Company fixed condition system in mini-busses

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, June 25
Tbilisi Minibus Company calls on the population of Tbilisi to call on the hot line in case the bus driver refuses to switch on the air conditioner system.

According to transport company, the drivers have an obligation to switch on air conditioners.

“We wasted about 200, 000 GEL before summer season to fix the system in every single mini bus. We ask people to call on our hot line (the phone number is 2 200 340) and inform us about the violation. Our monitoring teams also check drivers all over the city. As soon as the violation is verified, we will run the sanctions,” reads the statement spread by the Tbilisi Minibus Company.

According to company, in the first case, the driver is give a verbal warning, in the second case the driver is restricted from job and in third case the company terminates the contract with driver.

“We run the big scale works before the season to create comfort for our user. We even lowered the taxes for drivers so their expenses did not increase. Now, it is the drivers’ turn to fulfill their obligation,” the statement reads.