The messenger logo has forty-eight hours for rectifying deficiencies over football tickets

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, June 25
Website has 48 hours to rectify deficiencies. After the consultations between the Football Federation (FF) and the UEFA on June 23, it became known that Super Cup tickets still will be sold on the site.

The site was chosen by UEFA for selling Barcelona-Seville game tickets to be held on August 11, 2015 on Dinamo Arena, Tbilisi, but because of a large number of visitors, the site stopped functioning and most fans were unable to purchase the tickets.

The President of the FF Zviad Sichivana stated that after consultations with UEFA, they gave the site more 48 hours to improve the situation, because since June 22 the site has had several unsuccessful attempts of rectifying technical problems.

He also added that the UEFA has suggested an American company which will help to settle connection problems.

Sichinava explained that the next consultation with UEFA will be held on June 25 at 17:30 and they will decide if managed to solve the problems and will have the authorized right to sell tickets in the future.

“In case will be unable to solve the problems during 48 hours, we will switch to plan B and the tickets will be sold in an alternative way,” he stressed.

According to the Head of UEFA Super Cup Matches Organizing Committee Lasha Dvalishvili, the site has failed but they have a good chance to improve the situation.

The technical director of the site Giorgi Chkhikvishvili hopes that 48 hours will be enough for them to set up the website.

“We are looking for the ways out of the current situation. The users who managed to buy the ticket will not have any problems,” he said.

The disappointed fans came to the office of Football Federation for answers. They demanded an alternative way to buy tickets and wanted to know exactly how many tickets were left out of 30,000 ones.

Some fans even said that they paid for the tickets but could not get confirmation about the purchase.

The General Secretary of FF Rezi Arveladze met with the fans and promised that they would not stay without the tickets.

“Online sales is the best way of selling tickets according to the world practice, if this will not work out, the game will be held anyway and the tickets will be sold at the box office,” explained Arveladze.