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Five dead and several injured after explosion in block of flat in Gldani

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, July 16
Five people died and two are in a critical condition after an explosion in a block of flat located in the sixth micro district of Gldani on July 14.

According to locals and initially spread information the powerful explosion that destructed the whole block of flat and left 45 families without accommodations was because of the natural gas leaking and accumulation.

People living in the block of flat stated after the explosion that they were calling to the relevant services because of the gas smelling in the whole building, but in vain as no one came to study the situation there.

The Mayor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs stress that the investigation will reveal the causes of the accident.

However, Mayor Davit Narmania said that the exposition is likely to be because of natural gas.

Meanwhile, Kaztransgaz Tbilisi, the Kazakh Company providing gas for the Georgian capital, says that no one called them from the block of flat.

The 45 families were distributed to different hotels in Gldani until the city administration finds and rents flats for them.

No precise information concerning the permanent accommodation in the future has been unveiled.

The funeral expenses for those died in the fatal occasion will be covered by the Gldani municipality.

Doctors say that the current condition of the two young ladies injured in the course of the exposition is critical.

One has already been operated on, two operations related to traumatology have been conducted, while another has had her whole body burnt and has been placed in a burn center.

Under the previous government, gas iron pipes were cut and instead plastic gas pipes were installed outside the accommodations in the flat entrances.

Residents have been complaining that the pipes are not reliable and are easily damaged.