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Car accident in Rize claims life of Georgian citizen

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, July 16
Three more were injured during the accident. Two out of three injured persons are citizens of Georgia. They are placed in the Rize city hospital.

According to Adjara's Autonomous Republic’s Deputy Healthcare Minister Levan Gorgiladze, the condition of both of the injured is critical.

“None of them is in coma, but they are under medical sleep and on breath control apparatus. Condition must stabilize, we will wait about 12-24 hours and see if everything is fine and only after that we will think about transportation them to Georgia. All three citizens of Georgia were working in Turkey,” stated Gorgiladze.

The Head of the Rize Police Adem Chakiji said that investigation is underway.

“Those people were working on tea collecting in Turkey. Many Georgian citizens work in Turkey. We went to the accident place operatively and the investigation is underway,” stated Chakiji.

Meanwhile, two Georgian journalist crews were attacked by Turkish citizens. The incident occurred in the court yard of Rize Hospital, where "Rustavi 2" and "Ajara" television crews arrived to cover the incident. The locals gathered at the site physically and verbally abused the journalists. A camera has been broken.

Investigation of the abuse case is also underway. Police were questioned media representatives and incident participants already. Georgian consul also attended the questioning.

According to journalist, attackers were relatives of the third injured person, who is a citizen of Turkey.

“We wanted to record Georgian witnesses and were about to start recording, when those people attacked us,” stated Tea Vashalomize, journalist of Rustavi 2.