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Defence Ministry is Exemplary in Terms of Gender Principles

Friday, July 17
Implementation of gender equality principles in the MoD and Georgian Armed Forces was estimated as an exemplary in the region at the seminar held in Lopota Gorge, Kakheti region.

The training “Gender Equality in Security Sector and Integration of the Principles of Women, Peace and Security” is being held under the aegis of the Defence Ministry of Georgia, UN Women Organization and Women’s Information Center. Deputy Defence Minister Besik Loladze opened the seminar. While delivering the speech, he focused on the institutionalization of gender equality policy in the MoD and talked about the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution and planning of various monitoring services in this respect.

“The Defence Ministry pays great attention to the gender equality policy, protection of equality principles, UN No 1325 Resolution and its further implementation. These issues are being discussed at the seminar. We would like more employees of the MoD, including the leadership, to undergo the training on gender equality issues”, stated Besik Loladze.

As UN Women Organization Program Manager Tamar Tavartkiladze emphasized, Georgia was the first country that approved National Action Plan to implement UN N1325 Resolution. “The Ministry of Defence is an advanced institution along with other agencies which takes responsibility to carry out certain activities within the legislation, including appointment of civilian and military gender advisors", stated Tamar Tavartkiladze.

The representative of Norwegian Armed Forces, Major Tormod Overland, talked about the role of gender advisor in the NATO-led operations and shared his experience in this respect to the participants of the seminar. “My last deployment in Afghanistan lasted for 15 months. I served in Afghanistan as a gender advisor in ISAF HQ in Kabul, giving advice to the Headquarters how we take the women into consideration, how we cooperate with the women and use women to benefit them in the mission”, stated Major Overland.

Director of Women’s Information Center Helena Rusetskaia outlined the fact that the MoD is a successful agency that should be an example for other ministries. “Women’s Information Center is very proud that Defence Minister is a woman. We actively cooperated with the MoD. Now we believe that we will achieve more results with her will and support. The fact that the Minister and her Deputy are women makes this issue more crucial. I think there is a political will to be more women on the leading positions”, considers Director of Women’s Information Center.

The seminar will last for three days and the participants will familiarize themselves with the following issues: UN Security Council Resolution No 1325 and its further resolutions on Women, Peace and Security; NATO policy on gender issues, the role of gender advisors in NATO operations and experience in Afghanistan in this respect.