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Thursday, July 30
Georgian police make 10kg drug bust

A South African woman has been detained in Georgia after she was caught carrying about 10kg of marijuana as she tried to enter the country from Qatar.

Georgian law enforcement agencies seized the drugs and arrested the woman, named by officials as Nomakhosa Pumla Vinifred N., at Tbilisi International Airport on July 28.

The 29-year-old woman was caught as she was going through customs trying to enter the country. She had arrived on Georgian soil on a Doha-Tbilisi flight. After the drugs were found the woman was arrested for attempting to smuggle a large quantity of drugs into the country.

Upon searching the woman, law enforcement officers found 12 packages of dried marijuana hidden in a secret pocket of the woman's carry-on baggage. According to experts, the dried marijuana weighed 9.700kg.

The operative-investigative activities were jointly carried out by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ division for Fighting against Organised Crime, the division for Fighting against Narcotics Transit and the Customs Department of the Revenue Service. (

Temperatures to hit +38 +39 degrees on July 30-31

On July 30-31 temperatures will rise significantly throughout all of Georgia.

According to the National Environmental Agency, on July 30-31 temperatures will reach +38 +39 degrees.

On August first, light rain is in the forecast for western regions, while in eastern Georgia dry weather will continue. Temperatures will rise to +37, +38 degrees. (

Russian Diplomat: ‘NATO Expansion will Have Disastrous Consequences’

Russia’s permanent representative to NATO, Alexander Grushko, said that the integration of Georgian and Ukraine into the Alliance would have “the most serious consequences" for the entirety of Europe.

He told Russian TV channel Lifenews: “Any kind of political game over the issue of NATO expansion towards Georgia and Ukraine is fraught with the most serious and the most profound geopolitical consequences for the entire continent.”

He also added that he assumes that “people in Brussels and other capitals understand the dangers of this game, which certain forces are trying to play.”

“It will have disastrous consequences; it will have disastrous consequences for Ukraine itself,” the Russian diplomat said. (

A man taken hostage by the occupants released

The 45-year-old David Khuroshvili kidnapped by the occupation regime from the Khurvaleti village has returned home.

As the head of Information-Analytical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Shalva Enukidze told "PirWeli" news agency that Khuroshvili was released from prison on July 28. "He is already at his home. No form of pressure has been exerted on him; the man feels good," -Enukidze said. To be reminded, on July 25, the 45-year-old man, David Khuroshvili, was kidnapped by the representatives of the occupation regime in his own garden. David Khuroshvili was placed at Tskhinvali Isolator.

Traffic restrictions put in place on Rikoti tunnel

Traffic will be restricted for several hours in Rikoti tunnel.

According to the Roads Department, the tunnel will be closed to any type of vehicle due to clean-up efforts from 01:00 am to 06:00 am on July 30.

A bypass road will be open to accommodate the flow of traffic.

During this period tow trucks will be mobilized at 2 different locations of the road should the need for such assistance arise. (