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Ombudsman asks help for affected population near dividing Line

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 11
The Public Defender of Georgia, Ucha Nanuashvili, has proposed to the Interim Governmental Commission with the plan to help the population in the villages located along the so-called dividing line between Georgia and South Ossetia.

According to Nanuashvili, population in the villages near the dividing line has huge problems which must be solved timely.

As ombudsman noted the main problem in the affected area is drinking water.

“The Public Defender has been informed that water is microbiologically contaminated in the village of Khviti, Kaspi municipality, where a new water reservoir was built within the framework of the Rural Support Program in 2014,” reads the statement.

Nanuashvili also accented the problem of ownership. According to him, the problems related to the right to ownership and adequate housing is still acute, especially in the village of Zardiaantkari, Gori municipality, which had been occupied until 2012.

“For that reason, the houses damaged during war have not been rehabilitated and locals are unable to permanently return to their village,” reads the statement.

Nanuashvili also noted the safety problem, which is connected to limited cell-phone service and lack of police check posts.

Among the fierce problems, Ombudsman named removal of social status, school and road problems in the village of Atotsi, Kareli municipality, and infrastructure problems in the village of Khurcha, Zugdidi municipality.

The Public Defender called on the commission to take necessary measures and solve the problems.

Part of the action plan was also offered by the Ombudsman.