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Russians moved so-called administrative border again

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 12
Russians have moved the occupation line a further 700-800m on Monday and erected a new signpost here, as though the territory is under the control of de-facto Tskhinvali.

The violation fact took place in central Georgia, in the Kareli region, in the village that has never been within the borders of the autonomous South Ossetia.

The Tamarasheni village residents stress that the occupants grabbed their arable land and that they fail to carry out agricultural activities there.

“If the occupants continue such conduct the half of the village that is resided by Georgians will be controlled by them,” local Zurab Tsotniashvili told Maestro TV.

In response of the Russian actions President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili said that Russia does it best to provoke the current Georgian leadership.

“They are playing on our nerves, they want us to make a mistake,” he said.

According to the President the mistake would be if Georgia gets provoked and responds to the Russian aggression with counter aggression.

“The Russians do not know that our patience is limitless,” Margvelashvili said.

Such unacceptable facts of moving so-called borders take place very often in Georgia and through the actions Russia tries to show us that it does what it wants and no one would hinder its aggressive actions.

It’s very hard to be a small country with a strategic geopolitical location.

We are permanently asked by our foreign allies that we should bear patiently such horrible facts on our own land.

Would they also bear such occasions and violations inside their borders? This would perhaps be unlikely.

Such an action would be condemned again and assessed as a violation of country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as a deviation from the international law. However, as it appears, such statements make no influence on the Russian actions.