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Chief of General Staff Hosted Ukrainian Delegation

Friday, August 14
The military officials of Georgia and the Ukraine focused on deepening the cooperation between the armed forces of two countries. Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze and head of the Ukrainian delegation, Commander of Military-Air Forces of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major General Sergei Drozdov discussed the above mentioned issue at the meeting held in the General Staff. Commander of Aviation and Air Defence of the Georgian Armed Forces, Colonel Davit Abramishvili attended the meeting as well.

Georgian and Ukrainian Generals talked about the changing experience in the air defence sphere and modernization of the aviation techniques. The sides made the decision to elaborate a joint plan where the future cooperation directions will be defined.

“One of the main goals of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation is to familiarize themselves with Georgia’s military-industrial complex and potential in order to plan joint projects for the future. This will give us possibility to improve the Georgian and Ukrainian Armed Forces and their defence capabilities,” stated Major General Vakhtang Kapanadze after the meeting.

Commander of Military-Air Forces of Ukrainian Armed Forces, Major General Sergei Drozdov highlighted the goals and tasks of the visit to Georgia: “We will set up a working plan under which future cooperation directions between Georgia and Ukraine will be defined. The future cooperation directions include modernization and improvement of aviation techniques, deepening the existing cooperation and retraining of the aviation forces personnel. Within the visit, we will receive information about the capabilities and planning process of the Air Forces of the Georgian Armed Forces, as well as the preparation of aviation technique and training of the pilots. The Georgian side will share us their experience of 2008. Unfortunately, we have similar circumstances in the Ukraine. But with joint forces and cooperation we will overcome all obstacles and achieve success.”

The delegation of the Military-Air Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will visit Alexander Kartvelishvili Aviation Factory as well.