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“A lot of Didgori battles await us, when we will have to prove our devotion to Georgia”

Friday, August 14
The 894th anniversary of the Didgori Battle was marked with a public celebration. The Prime Minister of Georgia, the Defence Minister and other representatives of the government attended the event. Irakli Gharibashvili and Tinatin Khidasheli addressed the invited guests, congratulated the population on the holiday “Didgoroba” and highlighted significance of the victory that had happened 9 centuries ago.

“The memory and legacy of Didgori has stimulated the Georgian people for 9 centuries and fills up with hope that this country will always be victorious. Throughout 9 centuries we are proving that we are representing the country that is worthy of Davit Agmashenebeli, the Great Georgian King. We believe we can overcome all the difficulties with the reasoning and wisdom with which David Agmashenebeli used to do. He was a great king not only because he won the Didgori Battle but because he was full of wisdom that helped him to turn Georgia into a powerful state,” said Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli. Later on, in an interview with journalists she emphasized the need of teaching the Didgori topic at schools properly.

The Prime Minister awarded three military servicemen of the Georgian Armed Forces – Sergeant Major Koba Tsirekidze and Corporals Nika Kilanava and Giorgi Tskhvediani - with service medals, the “Didgori Cross” award.

Sergeant Major of the Military Police Department of GAF Koba Tsirekidze obtained important intelligence after a successful military operation in 2008 August War. Corporal Nika Kilanava from the 45th Tank Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade evacuated soldiers from the battlefield wounded as a result of the Tskhinvali area bombing and provided them with first aid.

Corporal of the Intelligence Company of the III Infantry Brigade, Giorgi Tskhvediani, was rewarded for saving the lives of a number of soldiers while performing in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defence and General Staff introduced a new award under the initiative of the Georgian Government last year. On 12 August of every year, Ministry will grant the award “Didgori Cross” to a military distinguished with the leadership abilities. First this award was bestowed to Major Vitali Tskhadaze in 2014.