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Dollar price teetering between 2.33 and 2.34 GEL in exchange booths

Friday, August 14
Georgia’s exchange booths now sell dollars at 2.33-2.34 GEL. They buy dollars at 2.30-2.31 GEL.

As booth clerks have told InterPressNews, people tend to buy rather than sell dollars.

The price of a dollar is teetering between 2.34 - 2.35 GEL at Georgia’s commercial banks. According to the Bank of Georgia webpage, consumers can buy the dollar at 2.34 GEL and sell at 2.30 GEL.

As TBC Bank reports, consumers can buy the dollar at 2.3460 GEL and sell for 2.3060 GEL.

According to Liberty Bank, official cost of 1 USD is 2.3500 GEL. Its selling price is 2.3000 GEL.

The official price of 1 USD has reached 2.3093 GEL as a result of devaluation of Georgia’s national currency. (IPN)