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Prosecutor's Office arrests imposter prosecutor

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, August 14
The Prosecutorís Office has released a statement, which says that the employees of the Office have arrested citizen Nana Getsadze for fraud. The office appeals to citizens to be more cautions and pay attention to official corresponding.

The statement reads that Getsadze introduced herself to a citizen as a prosecutor and instead of 5,000 Gel offered him to make plea bargain for his brother in order to reduce his sentence.

She was arrested at the moment of the financial extortion.

The investigation of the case is in progress under article 180, part 2b of Criminal Code of Georgia, which implies imprisonment from 4 to 6 years.

According to the statement, recently, the Prosecutor's Office is actively engaged in a number of criminal cases of the people, who in the name of the Prosecutorís Office offered plea bargains to the citizens and extorted a great amount of money from them.

The Prosecutorís Office warns citizens not to deal with imposter officials and in case of any necessities, address the Prosecutor's Office itself.

ďWe call upon citizens to notify the Prosecutorís Office, in case they find out about the similar fraud cases,Ē chief investigator Vakhtang Chibalashvili stated.