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Alarming figures of infant deaths revealed

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 26
In the course of 2014 and in the first six months of 2015, 812 infants died.

The figure was released by the IPN based on the official data of the Ministry of Health.

In the same period there were 919 cases when the babies were born died.

The Ministry also claims that there were 97 cases when children aged from one to five died.

Thirty women also died in the process or after delivering a baby in the same period.

The Ministry says that compared to the same period of last year the fatal figures have decreased.

The Ministry stresses that 119 doctors’ cases and responsibilities were discussed in 2014-2015 based on the appeals written by the affected sides.

The Ministry says that the doctors were given either verbal warnings or they were temporally deprived of their medical licence.

Representative of the Ministry of Health Marina Baidauri admits that each case of the death of a mother and a child is alarming.

She stresses that the Ministry has already launched a pilot project that envisages distribution of mothers and kids to the hospitals and departments that are most suitable for their health.

“There will be three levels of medical institutions and the patients will be sent to the clinic that will fit their health best,” Baidauri claims.

The figure is really alarming. Despite the fact multiple positive steps have been taken in order to improve the situation in the healthcare field, the section still requires serious reforming.

One of the initial problems is the qualification of doctors.

It was quite a well-adopted practice in the Soviet and post-Soviet era to “buy” diplomas.

Parents paid a good deal of money to buy the diplomas of doctors for their children as the profession of medical doctors had been highly valued in the country.

Thus, it will be a positive solution if the ministry takes genuine steps in this regard and dismiss the doctors who are dangerous for patients through their inferior knowledge, professionalism and qualifications.

According to the Healthcare Minister, the process has been launched and through the testing of doctors only those ones will preserve their jobs who really deserve to serve the profession.

The process will be carried out gradually, over the course of several years.