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City Park employees released

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, August 26
All three City Park employees, who towed a car with a sleeping child inside, were released on August 24. The court ultimately decided not to charge them. However, the investigation is still underway.

City Park employees were detained on August 23 for illegal deprivation of liberty of underage individual.

The three detainees moved a car parked near the Eliava market for an apparent violation of parking rules. It turned out that there was an 11 year old boy sleeping in the car. The boy, who is a citizen of France, was safely returned to his parents.

A barrister representing the City Park Company, Mamuka Mdinaradze, said that starting an investigation over the case was the wrong course of action.

“There was no sign of any crime having been committed by their action. They had no aim, motive and intention. It was just a mistake. Of course the fact itself is unpleasant, but charging person for towing car with dark glass is incorrect. They simple could not even see if there was a child in car,” stated Mdinaradze.

The Tbilisi City Park is a company responsible for parking procedures in the capital city, and has been in operation since 2007.