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Tbilisi Public Service hall temporally closes one passageway due to threat

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, August 27
Tbilisi Public Service hall, which provides most of public services to residents, will undergo renovation works and a certain passage for pedestrians to the building entrance closed from August 25, the Public Service hall has stated.

The body has stressed that cracks have been detected on one of the parts of the building through which water was leaking and damaging the infrastructure.

“The already damaged section faces a yard and might create a threat for pedestrians without relevant roofing and renovating works,” the Service Hall said and noted that the statement was made based on the conclusions made by three separate institutions.

“As soon as we mentioned the failure on August 16, we studied the situation on the scene, prepared all the appropriate documentation and sent it to the Levan Samkharauli Forensics Bureau and two private companies.

“All the conclusions read that the current damage was because of the mistakes made in the process of building,” Public Service hall said.

The Tbilisi Public Hall was totally closed for several months in 2013 as a part of the roof collapsed.

Whilst fixing the damaged section of the ceiling, alpinists hired by the government were collecting debris left in the roof during the construction process.

Several tones of remnants were brought out the construction that got the building lighter.

The current administration of the Public Hall has stated that their predecessors were in a hurry to finalise the construction and did not think over emptying the building from the useless and heavy materials.

Renovation activities on the building were conducted last year as well.

Every day there are lots of people at the Public Service hall as its purpose is to issue documents and render services to citizens and residents; the exclusive right of which is owned by State. It is impossible to get such important and necessary documents (such as a birth certificate, identity card, passport or marriage certificate) from anywhere else.