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Georgian kid dies in Germany in unidentified circumstances

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, August 27
The body of 4 year old Andria Dvalishvili will be transferred to Georgia from Germany, where the child had been sent for medical treatment, but died in unknown circumstances.

The Dvalishvili family stated several days ago that they did not have any information concerning the whereabouts of their child's body.

According to the Georgian Consul, Ioseb Chkhartishvili, Dvalishvili’s body was transferred to a medical center in Duisburg for examination.

“The investigation is already underway. I am waiting to receive information from the German law enforcement bodies. As soon as the examination process will finish, we will transfer the body to Georgia,” stated Chkhartishvili.

The organization Healthy Children transported Dvalishvili to Germany on August 19. The child had a respiratory disease and was in need of an operation.

According to the parents of Dvalishvili, they could not get any information from the organization or from the consulate.

Family members say that every day they received different information on the whereabouts of the body from the organization. The Dvalishvili family accuses the Healthy Children Company of improper practice and asks for help from government.

“Ana Berulava was the person responsible for our child. She told me that she would bring my baby back on Sunday. However, on Saturday morning she called me and said that my child had died. We demand an investigation and punishment for the guilty individuals,” stated Dvalishvili’s mother, Mariam Khubulashvili.

The mother of Berulava, Medea Abramia, said that she has no idea what happened to Dvalishvili.

“He was a very naughty child. He was running around the room at night, then he would fall asleep; he was okay that night but suddenly he stopped breathing. I have never been in such a situation and don’t know what to do," said Abramia.

The Georgian side has also started investigation over the case.