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Iran and Bulgaria to open transit corridor through Georgia

Wednesday, October 14
As the Iranian Mehr news agency is reporting, transit officials of Iran and Bulgaria agreed to open a corridor crossing Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and the Black Sea.

Based on the new agreement reached between Iran and Bulgaria, the two countries will facilitate visa issuance and ferry services in the course of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, and the Black Sea to link the two countries with a transit corridor, said Mohammadreza Atrchian a transit official of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Saturday.

The new corridor will replace the Turkish path which has been under terrorist attack in the past months.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed after several exchanges of delegations and some considerations made in meetings between transit officials of Iran and Bulgaria.

The drafting of the protocol of the agreement will be penned and revised in Tehran and Sofia so that it will be signed in 2016 by the Transportation Ministers of the countries in the corridor.

Bulgaria will be the hub to connect the countries of the corridor to European countries.

Experts believe that tapping the new corridor will have considerable impacts on the whole region developing intra-regional transportation of passengers and goods. (IPN)