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Leading state bodies offer jobs to Georgian students with Gov’t financed foreign education

By Liza Mchedlidze
Wednesday, October 14
Georgia’s state bodies claim that they are ready to employ students who gained Masters and Doctorate degrees in leading foreign universities thanks to the International Centre of Education founded through the initiative of Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibahsvili in 2014.

During the meeting with the students on October 12, Garibashvili stated that the programme financing Georgian students’ education abroad was “very successful”.

“I believe that the country’s investment in education is the most beneficial investment one can make,” Garibahsvili stressed.

The PM emphasised that his Government also managed to get the students come back to their homeland after receiving a foreign education.

“One of the major problems was that after going abroad in the previous years, students never came back again.

“We solved this problem through offering jobs to the graduates in leading Georgian state structures,” Garibashvili said, noted that up to 200 students have been sent abroad with state financing in the course of 2014-2015.

More precisely, the Centre established through Garibashvili’s initiative financed the studies of 77 students abroad in 2014, with the figure climbing to 115 this year.