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Polish company enters Georgia’s concrete market

Tuesday, November 3
A Polish construction services and supplies company with expertise in a range of infrastructural areas wants to become "a competitive player” in Georgia and is planning to become further involved in a wide range of infrastructure projects in the country.

TINES Capital Group announced it had purchased the majority of shares in a concrete production plant located in the Koki village in Georgia’s Samegrelo region.

“The production of high quality concrete will allow us to become a competitive player in the Georgian market. We are ready to get involved in even the most demanding and responsible infrastructure projects across Georgia,” said TINES Capital Group president Tomasz Szuba.

Meanwhile, the CEO of TINES Engineering Slawomir Nowicki added that the company was planning to participate in a wide range of infrastructure projects in Georgia, "including the construction of railway lines, metro systems, hydroelectric power plants, seaports, investments in road and industrial infrastructure”.

The TINES officials explained its recent investment in Georgia was an important part of the company’s strategy of expansion in international markets.

“TINES is fully aware that investments in infrastructure and transport are key elements for the long-term development strategy of Georgia. Especially as Georgia is a strategically located country with big potential to become an extremely important transit hub. That is why TINES, as a specialised producer and contractor, wants to transfer both its potential in the field of civil and industrial engineering and innovative technologies in the Georgian market,” said Szuba.

Investing in a concrete production plant was the first of TINES’ activity in Georgia. In order to increase the capacity of the concrete plant production factory, TINES also planned modernisation works and various enhancements at the site.

The company’s website said TINES Capital Group worked to developed business activities in fast-growing markets in Europe, North and Central Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.