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International Training “Cambrian Patrol 2015”

Friday, November 20
A squad of the I Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces participated in a military exercise, “Cambrian Patrol 2015”.

Military servicemen of various countries marched a mind-and-muscle sapping 55km carrying full personal kit and equipment, weighing in at some 60lbs, on the two-day patrolling mission over the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. More than a third of teams did not complete the arduous route across the Welsh Black Mountains where the soldiers’ full range of military skills was assessed in order to gain the necessary points.

“Those patrols who have done well should be rightly proud of their efforts and achievements in completing the exercise. The patrols who failed to finish can learn the lessons from this year and come back more determined,” said the exercise director, Brigadier Martyn Gamble, Commander of the 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales.

The military servicemen of the Georgian Armed Forces participated in the exercise “Cambrian Patrol” for the second time. The Georgian soldiers carried out their mission successfully. They passed a 64 km march with tactical tasks in 48 hours.

The military test exercise “Cambrian Patrol 2015” is one of the most difficult army tests. The exercise is multinational. Together with the Georgian soldiers, 119 teams of regular and reserve units from the British Army and other countries participated in it.