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NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2015

Friday, November 20
The NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2015 was held from 10 to 12 November this year in Lisbon. The Chief of Lessons Learned Division from the J-7 Department of the Georgian Armed Forces, Colonel Levan Asatiani, attended the international conference.

The aim of this year’s Conference was to assess how NATO's Lessons Learned Capability supports the Alliance's ability to prepare for - and conduct - current and future military operations.

During the conference, the participants explored new approaches to embed lessons from non-NATO entities and investigated parallels with the way other organizations manage their Lessons Learned process.

The conference consisted of three panels, examining lessons from the past and ongoing operations from different perspectives and how lessons from exercises are essential to NATO's transformation. During the second day of the conference, the participants analyzed how the Lessons Learned Process supports NATO's transformation. The third day of the conference concluded with two panels presenting key lessons from crisis management operations, looking specifically at the Ukraine and Ebola outbreak crises.