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Georgian wine wins gold in China

Friday, November 20
Georgia has once again been recognised as one of the world’s best wine-producing countries.

Georgia was named among five best wine producer countries at the Inter-wine Guangzhou 2015 wine exhibition in China.

At the 15th International Wine and Spirits Exhibition held in the city of Guangzhou on November 16-17 five types of wine from 16 countries won gold medals, and among them was Georgian product Teleda - Amber Dry (2011 harvest) produced by Teleda wine company.

In total, 183 wine producers from 23 countries were submitted to the wine competition. In this exhibition, nine Georgian wine companies participated thanks to support from the National Wine Agency.

Besini Winery, Askaneli Brothers, Bagrationi 1882, Teliani Valley, Dugladze Wine Company, Kakhuri Wine Cellar, Khareba Winery, Telavi Wine Cellar and Batono were the nine companies that were showcased at Interwine Guangzhou 2015.

China was one of the most important markets for Georgia to export its wine. Official figures revealed China experienced an 87 percent increase in terms of volume of Georgian wine imported in January-April 2015.

During the past 10 months, 1.8 million bottles of Georgian wine was exported from Georgia to China. Among the countries who imported Georgian wines, China was the fourth biggest importer after Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. (