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The Mayor of Tbilisi presented five new officials to fill vacant posts

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, November 20
The Mayor of Tbilisi, Davit Narmania, presented five new civil service heads and also named the Governor of the Vake District on November 18.

For the post of the Head of the Accomplishment Service, the Mayor named Givi Kublashvili. According to him, Kublashvili has rich experience of working in the private sector, including some strategic projects.

“Kublashvili is a lawyer. I am sure he will use his professionalism and handle the responsibility that will be granted to him,” stated Narmania.

For the post of the Supervision Department, Narmania named Giorgi Bagrationi.

“Giorgi has a PhD in Economics. He has experience of working in the Mayor’s Office and was the head of Tbilservice Group. He has experience in both the civil and private sector, working in high-level positions. I am sure he will fulfill all his duties perfectly,” stated Narmania.

Narmania named Irakli Ugulava as the head of the Sport and Youth Affairs City Department.

“Ugulava was the head of Georgian Dream Coalition’s (GD) youth organization and he has huge experience in this field,” stressed Narmania.

To the position of the head of the Economic Affairs Office, Narmania named Nodar Tchitchinadze. According to him, Tchitchinaze is a professional economist.

Nino Sulkhanishvili was named to the position of the Head of the Ecology Service.

“She has worked in the Mayor’s Office system since 1993. Also, she was a member of public and international organizations. She has implemented many projects, among which are some ecological projects too. She is a good manager and will do a good job in her new post,” stated Narmania.

Narmania named Nodar Tughushi as the Governor of the Vake District, who earlier served as the Deputy Governor of the same region.

The candidates now must be approved by the Tbilisi City Hall.