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Georgian historical monuments appear on Google Maps

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, December 2
Over 200 Georgian historic monuments have been added to Google Maps. By using Google Maps, users now have the opportunity to see photos of the sites, and check the distances between various destinations.

The project was launched in 2012, with the support of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia.

According to the authors, the project aims to promote Georgia’s unique monuments for tourists, and increase awareness of Georgia’s history across the world.

A representative of the National Agency of Public Registry, Mariam Abuladze, stated that the process was launched only after long negotiations.

“Until 2012, this zone was a white spot. There was no available information regarding anything on Google Maps. We gathered all the necessary details ourselves and Google incorporated it into their map data,” stated Abuladze.

The Head of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation’s Information Department, Giorgi Khaburdzania, said that the photos which were added to the map have informational importance.

“At the moment we have placed monuments which have national importance. However, with time, we will add all the monuments in Georgia on Google Maps,” stated Khaburdzania.

The Head of the National Tourism Agency, Giorgi Chogovadze, underlined the project’s importance.

“We have many interesting historical monuments in Georgia. Adding those monuments to Google Maps will increase interest among tourists all over the world,” stated Chogovadze.

Beside the historical monuments, Google Maps users also have access to cartographic information about Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi.