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Opposition leader offers new format of talks with Russia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 11
The leader of the Free Democrats opposition party and former Minister of Defence of Georgia, Irakli Alasania, has proposed the creation of a Georgia-Germany-Russia dialogue format in order to better address the problems in Georgian-Russian relations.

According to him, Germany is the country that can work on Georgia-Russia relations regulation.

“From my point of view this triangle – Georgia-Germany-Russi -a should exist and a format needs to be created which will launch an effective dialogue between all parties. Tbilisi-Berlin-Moscow is a significant format that has not been used yet,” he said.

Commenting on the initiative, Georgia’s Foreign Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said that the current format with Russia will make it possible to achieve progress .

Kvirikashvili supposedly meant the existing Abashidze-Karasin format, which is ostensibly focused on trade-economic relations, while the Geneva Format of negotiations focuses more on political issues.

However, any constructive role, which a third party could play in this process, would be welcome, Kvirikashvili added.

"I know nothing about the concrete steps or about any opinion expressed in this regard by representatives of German business communities. The current format with Russia will make it possible to achieve progress providing there is a political will from Russia.

“Germany is a very important country. Its involvement in Georgia’s European integration process is of the utmost importance, and we would welcome any constructive role which any third party could play in this process, especially if this can impact political decisions in Moscow," the Minister said.

It can be said that there was nothing negative and unacceptable in Alasania’s offer and the Government’s response was far from unreceptive.

However, the most important step will be the implementation of the initiative.

The fact that the opposition offered the format should not be a discouraging moment for the Government and the authorities should act primarily based on state interests.

Many influential players are involved in settling the problems between Georgia and Russia, but more active participation might bring about a swifter resolution.