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Georgia celebrates 25th anniversary of National Army

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, December 22
Georgia marked the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) on December 21.

Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelahsvili, Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli and other Defence Ministry officials made special speeches for the day and congratulated the GAF and the whole nation on the occasion.

Delivering his speech, President Margvelashvili stressed that since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the GAF has played a very important role in the process of creating an independent Georgia.

The President emphasised that 1991 was valuable milestone in Georgian history and highlighted that another milestone would be reached in 2016.

“In 2016 we will celebrate a new era of Georgian statehood. This year, we will see new opportunities that will offer preconditions for new benefits.”

“From an independent country we should create a free country,” the President stressed.

Margvelashvili stated that a Free State meant a country without occupant forces on its territory, a country wherein human life is the major priority, a country in which the rule of law was of the utmost importance and where people could make free choices.

“We definitely create a free state from an independent state.

“Our historic choice is Europe, which is why I declare 2016 as the Year of the European Country,” Margvelahsvili stated, noting that the whole nation, including its army, would meet European goals together.

In his final word, the President honoured the souls of Georgian heroes who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

The President also awarded several servicemen for their exemplary conduct in the GAF.

The Defence Minister then highlighted the devoutness of the Georgian servicemen.

Khidasheli stressed that Georgian Army has always stood by the Georgian people, both inside and outside the state borders.

“Our soldiers have always stood where it was necessary for each Georgian. The Georgian statehood is based on the Georgian Army.”

The Minister added that such examples of heroism were major motivators for young people who decided to embark on a military career.