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Aesthetic and Cosmetic salons to have obligation of registration

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, February 9

Aesthetic and cosmetic salons may soon be obligated to register their businesses with government health authorities. The government plans to submit legislative changes in this regard. The new draft law - dubbed‘Public Health’ - will be presented by the government to Parliament during its spring session.

According to this document, all individuals whose professional activities are related to aesthetic and cosmetic procedures will be obliged to pass the registration in the Register of the Economic Affairs in accordance to the new legislation. At the same time, they should follow all the regulation norms of health protection and the disease prevention.

Municipal authorities are responsible for the supervision of the fulfillment of the obligations.

"In case a business conducts aesthetic and cosmetic procedures (beauty, manicure / pedicure, tattoos, piercings and so on) which may carry high risks of spreading diseases such are HIV, and hepatitis C an B, it should meet governmenthealth standards,” reads the statement.

According to the changes, individuals whose activities are related to aesthetic and cosmetic procedures will be given a two-month period to register their business after the introduction of the new draft law; in the event a business fails to fulfilling the new obligations, they will face administrative penalties.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia is earmarked to work on the project.