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Abducted 17 years old girl returned home

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, February 23
Samira Bairamova, a 17 year old girl who was missing for four days, was found by police officers on February 22.

According to Bairamova’s father, the girl was taken in by the police officers for questioning. He also stressed that they have no concrete information regarding the kidnapping case.

As Bairamova’s mother said, the girl was put in a taxi by the abductor near a shop in Ponichala, Tbilisi.

Several police units were mobilized near the police building at Kvemo Ponichala settlement. Bairamova’s family members and relatives were also at the scene.

Bairamova is from an ethnic Azeri village and, according to her relatives, was kidnapped by another minor. They claimed that he was practicing an act of so-called bride theft.

The girl’s family named the kidnapper and demanded that the police arrest him.

Police were looking for the missing girl for four days. While the investigation was underway, family members and relatives of the kidnapped girl were holding a rally demanding faster action. They even blocked the Tbilisi – Rustavi highway road.

According to Bairamova’s relatives, earlier that day when the girl was found, the mobile phone from which the kidnapper contacted them was also found in Shavshveti by a random person, who said that he found the phone in his garden.

Bairamova’s uncle, Vladimkhan Tsulaevi, said that the young man who found the phone also was being questioned by the investigators.