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Interior Ministry paints zebra crossings to promote road safety

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, April 5
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia painted zebra crossings into bright colors for promoting road safety in Tbilisi.

The paintings are drawn in a 3D effect and has phrases such as “For you” and “For your safety” written on them.

The zebra crossing was painted by students of the Tbilisi Art Academy, employees of the Interior Ministry and employees of the Didube region district municipal administration office.

The painting of the zebra was part of Interior Ministry’s campaign We Observe Traffic Rules. The campaign is aimed at increasing drivers’ road-safety awareness and to avoid more road accidents.

This was not the first zebra crossing painted for increasing road-safety awareness. Earlier last week another one - also in the Didube district - was painted on Beliashvili Street.

According to an active member of the campaign, photographer Goga Chanadiri, a number of companies in Tbilisi were keen to help the transformation of other zebras crossings into vibrant creations.

The Interior Ministry started increasing awareness of road safety in Tbilisi due to the high number of road accidents. According to the statistics, last year alone 90 people died and another 3, 834 were injured in road accidents in Tbilisi.

Among the victims, the number of pedestrians was also high. According to the Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads, 43 pedestrians died and 1, 035 pedestrians were injured in road accidents.