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New party vows to come to power

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 31
A new political party has been created for the upcoming, 2016 parliamentary race.

A new party, calling itself the State for People, is chaired by famous Georgian opera singer Paata Purchuladze, who vows he will come to power and defeat the current ruling Georgian Dream coalition which, for its part, defeated the United National Movement (UNM) Government and took office in 2012.

Among the nominees for a leading role at the party there are two journalists, Merab Metreveli and Lasha Dvalishvili, a political expert, Khatuna Lagazidze, a medical radiologist and former chair of Tbilisi City Council, Lado Kakhadze, and several other people who are less known to voters.

In his address at the party gathering on May 29, Paata Burchuladze said his party’s coming to power was ‘inevitable’.

“We will be more effective than our predecessors and carry out more effective policies,” he said.

Before making the political statement, Burchuladze actively hid his political intentions. Moreover, the opera singer, who is famous for his charity activities, rejected speculation that he intended to embark on a political career.

Initially, he launched a foundation which he claimed was simply an NGO aimed at helping needy people.

Analysts said the foundation would be an initial step before coming to politics, as with the name of the fund Burhuladze was actively meeting with potential voters.

As a philanthropist, Burchuladze has a good reputation amongst the public. In previous years, Georgians mainly voted for leaders and figures rather than for parties and their politices.

The current ruling Georgian Dream coalition (GD) was founded by billionaire philanthropist Bidzina Ivanishvili, and his popular reputation amongst the public and the people’s negative attitude towards the UNM won the 2012 parliamentary elections.

Now there are many who are thankful to Ivanishvili as he removed the UNM from power, but there are also many people who say that Ivanishvili did not meet their expectations and they still have to live in poverty.

Consequently, the attitudes towards philanthropists who want to come to power might be changed in Georgia.

If Burchuladze had decided to take part in 2the 012 parliamentary race, the public response to the step would have been louder. Now people took the decision as part of an ordinary process.

Herewith, Burchuladze himself and many in his team lack political experience that might also hinder the new party.

At this stage, the party could be a major threat for their opposition rivals - especially for the UNM, if there is no negotiation between the two - as Burchuladze has potential to gain more votes than the UNM.

It is not in the UNM's interests to lose the position of the main opposition party in Georgia.