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Investors encouraged

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, June 14
Georgia’s Prime Minister, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, says this year Georgian hotels are “unprecedentedly busy” and the demand on holiday making in the country will increase in the future.

“This situation will continue, and I appeal to investors to respond to the increased demand,” Kvirikashvili stated at yesterday’s Governmental meeting.

The PM stressed the Government would prolong state programmes like Check in Georgia and create a special company that would coordinate relations between the public and private sectors.

“Leading tourism companies and relevant sectors’ representatives will be presented in the supervisory body of the company. They will take part in the planning of programmes like Check in Georgia,” the PM said.

Kvirikashvili announced the budget of the Check in Georgia and similar programmes would be drafted in the autumn.

“We guarantee that through our activities, demand on local tourist companies and hotels will more increase in the future,” Kvirikashvili stated.

The PM explained that Check in Georgia was not just “one or two popular singers and performers.”

“It is a whole chain of performances staged by local and foreign singers. It is more an economic project, aiming to encourage tourism and increase the income of Georgian citizens and local companies,” Kvirikashvili stated.

The PM stressed in the conditions of increased demand on Georgia, the public sector should support the private sector.

“This concerns both the Government of the Adjara Autonomous Republic and the Central Government, as this year the private sector did not appear completely prepared for such an inflow of tourists,” the PM said.

The PM hoped his remarks would be taken into account and the relevant bodies would ensure better coordination between the private and public sectors in the future.